RIDEWIND HVLS fan industrial ceiling fan with whale fin blade 20ft

RIDEWIND HVLS fan industrial ceiling fan with whale fin blade 20ft 
-Incredible strong air flow 
-Bionic structural design, stable & high-efficiency running without shake 
-Supper large air volume higher than same level fan 
-Energy saving
Product No.: RW520

RIDEWIND HVLS fan industrial ceiling fan with whale fin blade 20ft

Detailed Product Description

Blade Material:
6061AL Aluminum Material
Germany Nord gear motor
Germany BOSCH Rexroth
Blade Design:
Whale Fin Design
Cover Area:
1600 Square Meters
Blue fin gray blade

High volume low speed industrial HVLS ceiling fan installed in industrial warehouse, factory plants, gym, cow sheds, workshops,slaughter houses, etc.



-Incredible strong air flow
-Bionic structural design, stable & high-efficiency running without shake
-Supper large air volume higher than same level fan
-Low maintenance cost, long life
-Energy saving
-Very big cover area
-21° tilt angle blade with whale fin edge
HVLS fans blanket a very large area with constantly moving air to create a capacious and comfortable space. Thus, under hot and humid weather, these large ceiling fans will fully create an evaporative cooling effect of 4 to 6 ℃.
During the heating season, the HVLS fans technique can remove the temperature stratification from the floor to the ceiling with a temperature difference as high as 15℃. Greatly reduces the cycle frequency of the heating system and save on much energy. Remove cold points and hot points.
Coverage area
3 year

Technology principle:

HVLS means High Volume Low Speed ,the HVLS Air Fan is the new solution of energy saving to solve the ventilating or cooling problem of large space.
The HVLS super large industrial ceiling fan runs at a low speed to slowly move a lot of breeze and and continously blow away the moisture from skin ,linear blade blows large airflow towards floor,flow in both sides,resulted in making unique and effcient horizontal airflow,which can blow towards 27 meters at farest from the center of fan,horizontal airflow blowed towards to side wall or other large barrior,so refresh the air continuously.

Special desing blade advantages for RideWind industrial HVLS ceiling fan

1) Five pcs unique design blade, increased aerodynamic efficiency by 40% compared with traditional fan blade.
2) Whale fin design, makes the fan running more smoothly and less resistance. Not only increased efficiency conversion, but also reduced the noise when fan is running. The reduced wind resistance also reduces the load of the motor and increases the motor operating life.
3) The most striking advantage is improve the air volume, under ideal condition, one unit 24ft RideWind HVLS fan can cover 2,300sqm area. Make the fan cover area and performance to achieve the performance breakthrough that was impossible in the past.