RIDEWIND HVLS fan industrial ceiling fan 6 blades with spoilers 16ft

RIDEWIND HVLS fan industrial ceiling fan 6 blades with spoilers 16ft
-Good air flow performance
-Conventional design, different number of blades available
-Easy installation
Product No.: RN616

RIDEWIND HVLS fan industrial ceiling fan 6 blades with spoilers 16ft

Detailed Product Description

Blade Material:
6061AL Aluminum Material
Germany Nord gear motor
Germany BOSCH Rexroth
Blade Design:
Normal flat blade with spoilers
Cover Area:
800 Square Meters
Gray blade yellow spoiler

High volume low speed industrial HVLS ceiling fan installed in industrial warehouse, factory plants, gym, cow sheds, workshops,slaughter houses, etc.



-Good air flow performance
-Conventional design, different number of blades available
-Easy installation
-Low maintenance cost
-Energy saving
-Cost effective model 
-13° tilt angle blade with spoilers  
HVLS fans blanket a very large area with constantly moving air to create a capacious and comfortable space. Thus, under hot and humid weather, these large ceiling fans will fully create an evaporative cooling effect of 4 to 6 ℃.
During the heating season, the HVLS fans technique can remove the temperature stratification from the floor to the ceiling with a temperature difference as high as 15℃. Greatly reduces the cycle frequency of the heating system and save on much energy. Remove cold points and hot points.
Coverage area
3 year

Technical principle:

1. Germany NORD gear reducer motor(SK90L-4), Shell Omala S4 long-life synthetic gear oil; Simrit output shaft double oil seal; automatic exhaust valve; IE2 new generation energy saving and high-efficiency motor; 1.5 KW and a 100% up and down fastening design mechanism.
2. Propeller shape blade, high performance aluminum alloy material with high hardness, the best material for HVLS fan. Spray treatment on blade surface, which is free from clean, corrosion-resistant and never deformed.
3. German Rexroth VFC3610 inverter, built-in RF interference filter and brake chopper, with suppression of radio interference and braking function; With ground fault, over temperature and short circuit protection; optimized V/F standard mode; sensorless vector mode; IP55 protection level and NEMA1 standard control box; Stepless speed adjust, cabinet peripheral isolation switch and three-speed switch.
4. Thickness 10mm Q235 material. The yield strength of each blade is more than 300kg, equipped with high-strength flange made of 45# steel.
5. Q345B material High-strength structural steel, PVDF fluorocarbon paint surface treatment, reliable and durable.
6. The rear wing is not only for aesthetics. When the fan rotates, the air will vortex at the end of the spiral fan blade. The fan tail can eliminate a considerable part of the energy loss, increase the stability of the fan operation, increase the fan coverage area, and eliminate noise.
7. The anti-slip groove design and the split pin lock nut prevent the steel beam clip device from sliding off, without punching and welding.
8. Q345B steel anti-shedding protection plate, 6mm hot-dip galvanized steel wire cable, L-shaped wing connector.
9. High-strength steel plate; cast steel universal joint; Level 8.8 standard parts; self-locking nut.
10. Fumigation-free wooden box packaging to prevent collision and damage to equipment during transportation.

Motor features:

1. High accuracy speed adjustment.
2. Wide range of speed.
3. High strength and long life.
4. Convenient speed adjustment.
5. Continuous operation, clockwise & anticlockwise direction, stable operation, stable performance, low noise.
6. Fully sealed, suitable for any environments.
7. Compact mechanism and small size.
8. Good adaptability, low speed infinitely variable speed