About the company

SHANGHAI RIDEWIND ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD —A high-tech company and HVLS fans manufacturer in China, specialized in HVLS fan, wall fan, fan heater, industrial pedestal fan, industrial ceiling fan, water mist fan and other ventilation equipment manufacture and export. The HVLS fan leading manufacturer in China. Been selling our products to more than 30 countries all over the world.

Sales and service:

In the project planning phase, we will study a customer’s individual requirements, and according the buidling area and height recommend the best size HVLS fan to provide the best solution. We will discuss with you your reasonable use, product maintenance, and other special requirements, and develop programs to ensure that the project is feasible.
We have a large number of contractors, design institutes and consultants who have a wide work experience. For each of our customers to establish a document file, including the design of the evolution, the definitive solution and equipment working process plan, make install and related units of all the communication record.
 Our engineering and technical personnel in the construction period to the site to make on-the-spot investigation and found identify the possible problems. For overseas market, our distributors and agents will do this for our customers.


We have professional installation engineers to provide with a comprehensive and thoughtful installation services. For overseas market, our distributors are our installation teams at the same time.


We have different warranty for different products, during warranty, any unartificial quality problems on our products, we promise to repair or change the new parts to customers, all costs are on RideWind side, even shipping costs.

Maintenance and After-Sales Service:

RideWind customer service can ensure product is worry-free, it is more important for your product to make long-term consideration. We provide a 24 hour service hot-line, to realize the zero distance service.
The company will organize professional trainings on the products for the operators, so that our products can be properly used and the common failures can be smoothed away promptly.  At the same time, a number of other professional services are available for you to choose from.
We have a perfect technical service system and examination system, and has professional maintenance engineers, for your project on-site guidance and supervision, replacements for similar products maintenance.
1. Installation Engineer Maintenance Engineer: The Maintenance Engineer shall provide instant transfer of products, product system, comprehensive examination, strict examination of installation quality.
2. We strictly enforce the rules for safe operations, comply with the safety management system, and by the maintenance engineer’s regular maintenance personnel safety work education and skills, safety, service benefit of training, a scientific and standardized maintenance work flow, improved efficiency, ensuring the future of dimensional quality.
3. Maintenance Engineer regularly fills the “repair” of the periodic table, and clear the product repair and telephone complaints. When we received phone repair requests, the maintenance engineer immediately rushes to the scene and provide the local product within 12 hours of troubleshooting and a non local area time of not more than 2 days.
4. Time on the products to provide one year 2 times return service, timely understanding of your needs and requirements, provide more suitable types of services for your various needs.
5. Maintenance engineer has always adhered to our customer satisfaction; quickly and effectively deal with the views of users, to provide warm, efficient service to the users to solve their problem.